Happy 2014 everyone!

So as we close out 2013, I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year (go 2014!).  Also, I should remind you all that there are still seats left in our upcoming January classes.

Anyway, if you’re the type to go about making New Years resolutions, I just wanted to encourage all of you to make them realistic and easy.  Big, lofty, super-high goals (going from painting once a month to every day, going from making jewelry as a side hobby to making $60k in three months), while noble, are the kind that most easily fall through.  Unless your plan is super detailed and well-prepared and organized, these are the types of goals that leave you a)feeling defeated, b)super burned-out if you do make them and/or c)all of the above.

If you keep your resolutions manageable and bite-sized, you’re more likely to follow through.  Remember, often times KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid, not the rock band) is better advice than we’d like to think.

If you want to paint every day, resolve to make a single paint mark on your surface instead.

If you want to start a business, resolve to create a business plan.

If you want a solo show, resolve to research potential galleries you’d want to show in.

If you want to write three novels, resolve to write a word a day.

By taking your resolutions and making them digestible, what you’ll find is that you can always go above and beyond.  If you’re up for it, write a sentence instead of just one word.  Paint a whole branch rather than make a single mark.  Quests of  a lifetime start with a single step, of even a minute of looking at a map.  Pace yourself, as art is a marathon, not a sprint.

So what moves are you going to make in 2014 to realize your dreams?