What is Lift Off Art?

Founded in 2013 by visual artist/storyteller/arts educator Rick Kitagawa, Lift Off Art (or, just Lift Off for all you in-the-know), is a San Francisco-based company that focuses on providing personal and professional development specifically for artists.

Inspired by the Wright brothers and the quest for human flight, Lift Off creates relevant, inspiring, and tactical courses that serve as the launch pad to send artists and their careers soaring.

The Wright brothers used a combination of experience (being machinists and bike mechanics), research (they built their own wind tunnel to get more accurate data), determination (they spent years failing and facing setback after setback), and a support network (they collaborated and studied with other flight enthusiasts and had constant encouragement from their sister and business partners), the managed to achieve their dream of creating a powered, controlled flying machine that gave way to commercial aircraft and eventually space travel.

To follow the spirit of the Wright brothers, Lift Off uses real-world experience and research to teach artists the skills and knowledge they need to succeed as artists in the world today.

Lift Off Art is proud to announce that their first course, Artrepreneurship 101, will launch soon.


Who’s running this show?

Founder, Instructor, and Blog Author:  Rick Kitagawa


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Rick Kitagawa is an award-winning visual artist, storyteller, and educator.  He has taught hundreds of artists across the country how to develop the psychological strengths and business acumen needed to survive as professional artists.  The students he has coached have won scholarships to the graduate schools of their choice, obtained their dream jobs at companies like Nike, Anthropologie, and Paramount Pictures, and have successfully doubled their freelance rates.

As a creative, he has worked with companies like Facebook, Adobe, and Apple, and has exhibited work across the Bay Area.  As an educator, he’s taught at venues like Stanford, UC Berkeley, SJSU, CSU Fullerton, the California Academy of Sciences, and GAP Inc.  He currently teaches business and entrepreneurship for artists at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco.

Instructor + Blog Writer: Eve Skylar 

Eve Skylar is an award-winning San Francisco-based artist. She is a graduate of the visual development department at Academy of Art University and a scholarship winner at Art Center College of Design. Her work focuses on pre-production design for film, games, and animation.

She currently works as a production designer for Carlos Baena, LLC and has recently completed work as a color key artist on SEGA/ Marza Animation Planet’s feature animated film, Space Pirate Captain Harlock (2013).  Her paintings have been exhibited in venues all over the Bay Area such as the The Uptown, 1AM, Wonderland SF, 111 Minna, and Modern Eden.

Her previous clients have included: SEGA/ Marza Animation Planet, Toei Animation, Unicorn Studios, Apple, and Hyphen magazine.

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