Lift Off Art’s current list of classes is as follows:

Artrepreneurship 101: How To Survive As An Artist

From overcoming fear and doubt to social media marketing, from removing barriers to creating to monetizing your art, this 5-week class is the essential class for the modern artist.  In a safe and supportive environment, you’ll learn:  how to cope with competition, failure, and self-doubt; why entrepreneurship is an essential skill even if you work for someone else; the secret to bypassing “gatekeepers,” and how to avoid them altogether; how to create a website and market your work online (even if you’re a technophobe); reconciling the need for hard work and the need for sustainability; how to develop an authentic voice and brand; and much more.

Instructor: Rick Kitagawa

Color and Lighting for Painters: Everything You Need to Know About Color and Lighting

Let Eve guide you along through the basics of color theory all the way to advanced lighting where you’ll gain the confidence and knowledge to create representational paintings that are realistic, convey strong moods, evoke emotions, and tell stories through color and lighting.  By mastering color and lighting, you’ll be able to: mix color more confidently; increase your painting speed; create paintings better than your reference; design color and lighting to evoke mood and tell stories; paint realistic lighting conditions with metal, wood, and a variety of other surfaces; and more!

Instructor: Eve Skylar



  1. Have Questions.. Is there any other Dates/ times for this class ? Next…How much does it cost for this corse ?

    • Hi Janette,

      If you sign up for the newsletter you’ll get updates of future course listings, and if you click the individual class links, you’ll see the prices, as it varies from course to course.


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