Advanced Color and Lighting for Painters


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Dates: Tuesdays, October 7th & 14th
Meeting Times: 6:30pm-9:30pm, 3hrs

Place: Big Umbrella Studios
906 1/2 Divisadero Street,
San Francisco, CA 94115

Class Size: 4-10


Through lectures and live-painting demos, the 2-class sessions will cover:

Advance Color Theories:

  • The 4 Properties of Color: Hue, Value, Saturation, & Temperatures
  • “The 80-20 Rule” : Designing Color Harmony and Color Compositions in your paintings
  • The 6-Value Form Principle: How to paint realistic color and lighting conditions in your paintings
  • 3-Step Lighting Theory:  How to simplify a typical lighting scheme: key light, rim light, and global illumination that naturally occurs in interior still life, exterior landscapes, and portraitures.
  • Complex Lighting Schemes:  How to combine and push dramatic lighting effects : backlit (sunset), ¾ front lighting (typical portrait), top lighting, underlighting, and side lighting

Advance Lighting:

  • Lambertian Lighting: how to paint lambertian deep textures and specular highlights found on different materials, such as tree barks, moss, animal fur/feathers, hair, granite rocks, metals, and corrosion effects

  • Global Illumination: how sky colors (sunrise, noon, sunset) or season colors (spring, summer, fall, winter) affects your landscapes

  • how to paint translucent and transparent objects with subsurface scattering as seen in the transmitted sunlight through leaves, hair, or fur

  • Reflective Light: how to paint reflections found in metals (chrome, brass, aluminum), mirrors, tiles, and water surfaces

  • Moods: how different colors affect moods

  • How to choose specific color schemes and design with dynamic color and lighting

*Though this class is taught with lecture and teacher demos using a combination of different paint mediums, these principles apply to any medium. Students are encouraged to do their homework, take notes, and follow along the demos with their preferred mediums. After registration, students will be sent a suggested materials list depending on their preferred mediums.

**Cancellation policy: If the required minimum of students is not made 24 hours prior to the start of class, all course fees will be refunded.  If something happens and you cannot make the class, you MUST email the instructor at  24 hours prior to the start of class in order to get a full refund.   After 24 hours prior to the start of class, no refunds will be offered, however if you cannot make the class, you may transfer your registration to another student.



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