Landscapes From Imagination


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Dates: Saturdays, June 21st and 28th

Meeting Times/Place: 2-5pm
Riley Street San Rafael
1138 4th Street
San Rafael, CA 94901

Class Size: 4-10


Unleash your creativity, tap into the subconscious, and create new, exciting, and believable worlds. This class is geared for representational landscape artist-enthusiasts. Taught with lecture and live-painting demos this 2-session Saturday class will familiarize you with the essential principles of landscape painting and introduce fun exercises to free up your imagination to take your paintings to the next level. Once you master the principles of landscape painting, you can tackle any landscape, seascape, or cityscape, whether real or imagined.

Come join Eve Skylar, Art Director and painter in the animation industry, for “Landscapes From Imagination.”

The course will cover:

-how to capture the luminescent outdoor lighting and sense of atmosphere

-atmospheric perspective, linear perspective, and organic perspective

-how to simplify environment conditions and compose with color, value, and temperature to emphasize mood, time of day, and season within a landscape

-thumbnailing, doodling, massing, speedpainting and other techniques for generating new scenes

-how to use good references, deviate from them, and paint better than your photos

-how to translate small studies into real or imagined landscapes


*This class will be taught with water-based media.  Students are encouraged to bring their preferred mediums, take notes, and complete the exercises in class (with optional homework assignments).


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