Artrepreneuship 101- Say NO to the Starving Artist Myth


Would you believe me if I said you could create a successful – and fulfilling career as an artist? That you had control over the achievements in your life, or that business skills, just like artistic ones, are something you can learn easily and painlessly?

What if I told you that YOU could make a living off making the art YOU want to make?

As impossible as that might sound in our crap economy where art classes are the first to be cut, entry-level jobs in the industry seem non-existent, and competition is always on the rise, I know you can take control of your artistic future.

How can I be so sure?  Because I’ve been there.  I know what you’re going through.  I know what it’s like to not know how to get an art career up and running.  I know what it’s like to know the tactics and the blueprints, but to be paralyzed by fear and inaction.  I’ve had those voices in my head telling me my art “wasn’t good enough” and that “nobody will every buy” what I was creating.  

When I graduated art school, I felt lost.  I knew all these great new ways of creating and expressing myself, but wasn’t sure what the next steps were to do it as a career.  I had been in school at 17 years at this point and I was ambitious, skilled, and ready to do great things, but six months later reality set in.  Student loans came due, and the fear I’d always be stuck at my retail job loomed over me.  Doubt set in.  Was I good enough to live off my art?  Was everyone else right about me ending up a starving artist?  Would I have to move back home a failure and live at my parent’s place?  Was chasing my dreams a waste of time and money?  


UNEMPLOYED_boy_rainy_windowYou’ve heard the story before – my experience is not a unique one.  You probably know you someone who has a similar story.  If you’re reading this, maybe it’s you.  But if you can relate to my story, if this rings painfully true, just remember: it does not have to be the end of your dreams.

“When are you gonna get a REAL job?”

Being an artist is hard.  We live in a society where more often than not, we’re taught that we should abandon our dreams and ignore our passions in the pursuit of money.  There’s the fear of rejection or not being good enough, the paralyzing nature of the white canvas or blank page, and a society that doesn’t understand what it is you do.   We’re told art should be “a hobby,” something that is encouraged as a kid, then squashed in favor of a “real” job.  However, times are changing – your parents were wrong.

With the trend moving toward replaceable, part-time employees, unstable job markets, and outsourcing overseas, even “real” and “stable” jobs of the days of yore are now uncertain.  Why should you give up your dreams of making art for this sinking ship?  Today, it is far more risky to to bet on an outdated “way it’s done” than it is to bet on yourself.  Why slave away behind a job you hate just to come home too emotionally drained to create?  Why not ignite that passion that burns deep within and start taking action towards your dream life?


 You and your art are more valuable than you think.

Imagine a life where you get to create what YOU want to create. You have people hungry for more of what you have made. You make a living doing what you love and although you work hard, because it’s what you love you don’t mind the long hours and can go to bed feeling fulfilled. If something goes wrong, you have back-up plans and you bounce back quickly. You are part of the new guard – an artist whose craft is valuable, loved, and in-demand.

Can you imagine that life being your life? If you want it, you can have it. It is your life, starting now.

Artrepreneurship 101: Artist Entrepreneurs

Forged from real-world experience, psychological and sociological studies and books, finance and marketing research, and the advice from people who are making a living off their art, Artrepreneurship 101 is an online class designed to teach you how to deal with the emotional aspects of being a professional art hustler as well as the actual tactics and tricks I’ve used to make it as a professional artist.

Artrepreneurship 101 is unique in that it goes beyond just telling you how to market and sell art – we’ll also tackle things like self-doubt, procrastination, and other psychological barriers that impede you from getting your important work done.

What does the course look like?  Check out our general overview of the class:

WEEK 1: The Artrepreneurial Mindset

We’ll go over:
-setting realistic goals/themes for your career and dismantling the two largest art career myths
-how to boost your confidence using proven neuroscience
-how to fight back against paralyzing fear
-reconciling sustainability with the need for hard work
-the #1 quality that successful artists have and how to grow that trait in yourself

WEEK 2: Creating Your Brand / Introduction to Marketing

This week we’ll tackle:
-how to market your art naturally (and without feeling sleazy)
-finding your ideal customers and where they hang out
-creating a website (even if you’re terrible with computers)
-the #1 fear in America and how to defeat it
-how to talk about your artwork so people get excited to buy it

WEEK 3: Getting Your Work Out There

This week focuses on:
-the importance and how-to’s of research
-understanding social media and how to build a community
-portfolio/reel prep and promotional materials
-building your superteam and finding mentors
-getting press from industry movers and shakers

WEEK 4: Selling

Week 4 will teach you:
-the emotional side of selling/dealing with the mentality of lack
-the craft of telling your unique voice and your story
-tricks behind monetizing your art and creating products
-why people buy and how you can get them to buy from you
-how to crowdfund and run presales to limit upfront investments (of time and money)

WEEK 5: Your Ideal Career

Finally, we’ll conquer:
-finding out about jobs no one else knows about
-writing resumes and cover letters that actually get read and get your hired
-negotiating a higher salary and interviewing like a boss
-sneaking past the gatekeepers and breaking into the industry
-freelancing and creating your own jobs

You’ll learn all of this and more, all from the convenience of your own computer or tablet or phone.  Don’t take my word for it.  A past student says:

As I begin to check off each step to my dream job I can’t help but think that all the effort I put into your class has truly set me up for future success. [For my dream job at Anthropologie], I mapped out each step I would take to getting to this position, which included getting a job as a sale associate there and then becoming a visual intern. I wanted to let you know that I have now been working there for 7 months and found out today that I was accepted into their visual internship program!
I wanted to thank you not only for teaching, guiding, and inspiring me to pursue my talents and find/ create jobs in the art field but for also persistently changing the idea that we as creators and innovators can only be “starving artists.”
‘ – Amanda M.

Warning: this class is NOT a quick, painless, magic bullet of a solution.

Notice Amanda’s success is not overnight.  It took her seven months, but with a game plan, she infiltrated the company she wanted to work for and climbed her way up.  On this path to success, there will be hard work ahead, so if you are looking for “Quick and EZ,” then please, walk away now. I’m not going to promise you overnight success (no one is an overnight success, and if anyone promises you that, they’re lying to you), but I will promise you will leave with the tools, knowledge, and support you’ll need to kick-start a career in the arts.

If you are willing to commit to yourself, work hard (on the things you love), and really chase after your dreams, get ready, because enrolling in this course will be the first step in your new life.

What Do I Get in the Class?

We’ll provide you with hours of video that will train you into the artist you’ve always wanted to be.  You’ll get stories from the front lines of the art industry, scientific studies, and personal stories from artists who have “made it” as artists.  There are exercises and worksheets and scripts.  You’ll learn how to defeat fear, procrastination, and artist’s block.  You’ll learn how to sell art you want to create, how to develop an authentic voice and brand, and how to develop a network of colleagues and mentors even if you’re introverted.  We’ll deal with burn-out and how to avoid it, learn the best mindset to deal with failure, and how to bypass gatekeepers to find and get the good jobs.

You’ll also get a 45-Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee.  If at any point you feel like the course hasn’t helped you, send us a scan of the exercises you’ve completed thus far and we’ll send you your money back, no hassling.

You’ll also get lifetime access to the class, as well as any and all future updates or improvements we make down the road. Plus, since you get lifetime access, you’ll never have to worry about missing something the first time around.  Often  it takes a few times (it took me years) to really internalize the information, so feel free to revisit the material as often or as little as you need.  It’ll always be online so you can watch whenever works best for you.

Please note: the course material will officially go live in the Summer of 2016.


Is This Expensive???? 

Artrepreneurship is designed with students in mind.  As someone who took out huge student loans to pay for school, I know how expensive an education can be.  The Wall Street Journal found that the three universities with the highest median student debt are all art schools.  WTF?  It makes sense when I found out that the class I teach at the Academy of Art University costs over $2400!  Then I realized that this was actually cheap compared to other private universities.

A large part of our arts education system, in my mind, is broken.  Most schools don’t even offer a course on what to do once you graduate with your art degree.  If the school does offer a class, usually there’s just one, and most career prep course have vague advice like “use nice paper” or “be professional” but don’t show you how.  Schools might teach you how to be a great artist, but they don’t teach you how to make a living.  

This is why I started teaching in the first place.  I’ll be honest, I felt like I was struggling for a really long time after graduation.  But after owning a gallery, running a successful business, getting invited to gallery shows and hired for illustrations and being paid to travel the country and paint, I wanted to create a short-cut for all the other artists out there who didn’t want to spend the years I did floundering.  I wanted to save you the years trying things or staying stuck.  I wanted to save people the hundreds of books and thousands of dollars on courses I’ve taken.  Could you just read all the same books I have and take the same courses?  Most definitely – but that would literally set you back years and tens of thousands of dollars.

Or, you could enroll in Artrepreneurship 101 for literally 1/8th of what a similar class would cost at a major art school and save time and money. For less than a dollar a day, you’ll gain lifetime access to a course that can change your life.

“Rick is very likeable, honest, and actually cares about our success.  I thought this would be a boring class but he managed to keep me engaged.  I’m already using a lot of the techniques I learned in this class and new projects are coming my way!”
-James R.

It’s a lot easier to believe in yourself with someone believing in you

Ready to embrace your passions and take a step towards your dream life? It’s okay to be scared, but don’t let fear stop you from taking action. Don’t worry, you are much less alone than you might imagine – we’ll all walk forward together.


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